Vertical Spindle Rotary Surface Grinding Machine(Table Fixed) SPG Series

A vertical rotary surface grinding machine for ultra-precision grinding of fragile materials such as optical glass, ceramics and ferrite, as well as the parts of various materials, using the unique mechanism of the table fixed type.

Recommended Industry and Workpiece

Grinding machine  Optical glass/Optical parts  Optical glass/Fused quartz/Crystal/Sapphire/Silicon carbide/Silicon
Grinding machine  Electrical and electric equipment parts  Electric equipment parts
Grinding machine  Molds  Steel and mold plates

Product characteristics

Using our company’s unique mechanism design, we have created the latest high-precision rotary surface grinding machine that produces finishing surface with very high precision for metals, as well as heavy grinding of optical glass, in response to the growing demand from our users in recent years for a “surface grinding machine with high efficiency and precision.”

※Its outer appearance is almost similar to SPG-600 and SPG-750.

Product specifications

Model 600(750) specifications:

Max. height of workpiece 150mm
Swing diameter of workpiece φ700mm(φ800mm)
Magnetic chuck diameter φ600mm(φ750mm)
Wheel shape (triangle) 12
Grinding wheel diamond external diameter (※)mm φ350mm
Table rotations 2 – 25 min-1
Spindle rotations 1500min-1
Head automatic feed rate Optical glass (glass) 0 – 0.8mm/min
Metal (Wheel) 0 – 0.5mm/min
Head travel speed 100mm/min
Electric motor For main spindle Standard5.5kw (above 2.2 11kw)
For table 0.75kw ES motor
For spindle rapid rate 100w
For spindle head feed rate 10w DC100V
Coolant pump 180w
Machine size Length 1600mm(1650mm)
Width 1000mm
Height 1875mm
Machine weight 2,100kg

Dimension of machine size

Dimension of machine size
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