Vertical Spindle Rotary Surface Grinding Machine(Table Fixed) SPG-2 Series

The two-head system allows the vertical rotary surface grinding machine to do single-pass grinding, rough processing using one chuck, and finish grinding.

  • For the ascent/descent of the spindle, the servo motor is connected to the ball screws using a harmonic drive in order to create an ultra-precision rapid traverse mechanism with close to zero backlash.
  • The spindle axis is maintained at a right angle to the table surface by using the three-point instruction system for the table that is easy to operate.
  • Achieved the smallest installation space possible with a new design.
  • The load of the spindle and column (sliding part) against the ascent/descent slide is greater than regular machines, so it is more balanced and can handle a variety of grinding work from ultra-precision grinding to heavy grinding.
  • The magnetic chucks control thermal changes, so it has forced-air cooling. The top part is injected with cermet to minimize the drop of magnetic force, maintain high precision and attach/remove workpieces easily.
  • The dual axis structure makes it possible to complete rough and finish grinding with just one chucking, so high-mesh grinding (#1000 to #4000) can also be done.
  • The grinding process can be controlled in four stages with the CNC control. The correction of grinding wheel abrasion can be done individually or as a simple one-time work. We can also provide a control program based on the user’s request.

Recommended Industry and Workpiece

Grinding machine  Automobiles/Automobile parts/Two-wheel parts  Connecting rods for automobiles - Automated systems
Grinding machine  Liquid crystal and semiconductor parts  Rough/finish grinding
Grinding machine  Optical glass/Optical parts  Optical parts and rough/finish grinding
Grinding machine  Electrical and electric equipment parts  Electric equipment parts and rough/finish/mirror grinding
Grinding machine  Various machine parts  Bearings - Rough/finish - Automated systems

Product specifications

Model specifications: 1200 dual axis CNC
Max. height of workpiece 350mm
Swing diameter of workpiece φ1250xφ250mm
Magnetic chuck diameter φ1220mm
Grinding wheel diamond external diameter φ450mm
Table rotations 2-25 min-1
Spindle rotations 750 min-1; variable inverter
Feed rate 0.01mm/min
Spindle rapid ascent/descent rate 100mm/min
Motor used For main spindle 30kw 4P
For table 5.5kw gear motor
Spindle control
AC servo motor
Spindle control
(Rapid traverse)
Coolant pump 3φ 400W 2P
Machine dimensions Length 2930mm
Width 3270mm
Height 2470mm
Machine weight 12,000kg

Dimension of machine size

Dimension of machine size
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