CNC Double column Type Surface Grinding Machine (Crossrail fixed type) KSL-F8 Series

Based on years of experience and our rich knowledge, we have created a new series of Sumitomo double column surface grinding machines to meet the diverse needs of our users!

Recommemded Industry and Workpiece

Grinding machine  Liquid crystal and semiconductor parts  Glass and ceramics
Grinding machine  Various machine parts  Various machine parts (Various flat plate parts)
Grinding machine  Electrical and electric equipment parts  Electrical equipment and tool parts
Grinding machine  Molds  Steel and mold plates
Grinding machine  Automobiles/Automobile parts/Two-wheel parts  Motor core molds and progressive molds for automobiles

Product characteristics

1.Equipped with energy-saving table driving device HST as a standard

  • Reduced power consumption by over 50% compared to regular hydraulic units.
  • The amount of oil used to operate the table is reduced to 10% and the regulations of the Fire Service Act have been met.
  • The reverse distance has been reduced by 50% compared to regular machines, and both the turnaround time on the table and the grinding time have been shortened.

2.Least amount of space used for machines of the same category

Least amount of space used for machines of the same category
  • Used the latest optimization analysis technology to design a double column grinding machine with the least amount of space used among those of the same category.
  • Optimum as a choice to upgrade to a cantilever grinding machine in the category of 800 mm width.

3.Compact grinding machine with high precision

  • Adopted the newly developed principal spindle, which has high precision and rigidity and does not release much heat.
  • The motor for the principal spindle uses 15 kW oil injection type AC spindle motor for low vibrations and minimized temperature changes.
Compact grinding machine with high precision1
Compact grinding machine with high precision2

4.Easy to operate with a touch panel

Easy to operate with a touch panel
  • A touch panel type pendant control box is used as the control panel.
  • The NC system has the latest Mitsubishi CNC.
  • Provided with interactive screens that are easy to operate.
    • Can run all three rough, intermediate and finish grinding in a batch.
    • Can set a range of grinding conditions freely.
    • Equipped with settings to achieve a higher surface quality as a standard.

Case Study

Product specifications


Item Unit KSL-F8
815 820 830
Capacity Max. passage width of workpieces mm 1100
Max. grinding height of workpieces mm 550
Size of table working space Width   800
Length mm 1500 2000 3000
Max. permissible loaded weight ※Chuck weight (incl.) kg 2500
Feed rate Table feed m/min 2~35
Grinding wheel horizontal feed mm/min 1〜6000
Grinding wheel vertical feed mm/min 1〜2000
Grinding wheel head feed volume Min. settings unit mm 0.0001
Feed volume mm 0.0001〜0.9990
Spindle Outer diameter x Width x Inner diameter mm 【Φ510~610】x【50~100】×Φ203.2
Grinding wheel width 50⇒No. 1 flat type
75⇒No. 5 concave type
100⇒No. 7 concave type
Rotating speed mm-1 500〜1500
Motor kW 15
Hydraulic tank Tank capacity L 100 (Applied capacity:130L)
Dimensions Width mm 3850
Height mm 3100
Length (L dimension) mm 6100 7100 9300
Weight According to standard specifications
(excluding optional accessories)
kg 13500 14000 16500

Standard accessories

  • Grinding wheel No. 5 concave type (Φ510x75xΦ203.2)
  • Grinding wheel flange (with markings in increments of 5 degrees)
  • Dressing device (table fixed surface dresser)
  • Table driving device HST and hydraulic oil temperature control device
  • Magnetic chucks and automatic attachment/release controller
  • Spindle inverter control
  • Spark-on control device
  • Automatic overload retracting device
  • Work light
  • Signal tower (3 colors, lamp type)
  • Wheel lifting tools, work tools, and installation parts
  • Circuit breaker

Optional accessories

  • Coolant processing equipment
    Tank capacity: 600 L
    • Magnetic separator
      • Ferrite
      • Rare earth
    • Magnetic separator with paper filter
    • Coolant temperature control device
      • Standard
      • High-precision specifications
  • Grinding wheel flange (with markings in increments of 5 degrees)
  • Dust collector
  • Interactive wheel balancing device
  • Automatic power start or cut off device
  • Continuous grinding program
  • Sliding door interlock on the operator’s side

Dimension of machine size

Dimension of machine size
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