Cyclone Type Coolant Cleaning Device FINE CLONE

Achieved cleaning efficiency of 95%! We have also improved the wear resistance property of the nozzles with special stainless steel processing. Optimum for cleaning coolants for grinding and cutting.

Recommended Industry and Workpiece

Coolant processing equipment  Bearing parts  Robots/Automotives/Construction machines
Coolant processing equipment  Construction machines and construction machine parts  Engine parts/Non-ferrous metal/SUS/Aluminum/Abrasive grain recovery
Coolant processing equipment  Automotives/Automotive parts/Motorcycle parts  Engine parts/Non-ferrous metal/SUS/Aluminum/Abrasive grain recovery

Product characteristics

High efficiency

Cleaning capability 10μm

Test results by our company (FC-1)

  • Setting pressure: 0.15 MPa
  • Lapping powder #800: Specific gravity 3.9
  • Cleaning efficiency: 95%


Specially processed stainless steel with significantly improved wear-resistant nozzles. The life has extended.


Adopted a compact design that saves space.


Achieved low pressure loss.

Achieved low pressure loss.

With transparent window

With transparent window

With anti-foaming function

With anti-foaming function

Image of the operating principle of FINECLONE

Image of the operating principle of FINECLONE

The coolant is pumped using high pressure pumps. Sludge with high specific gravity is separated by the vortex flow generated from the flow of the coolant. The dirty coolant concentrated and is discharged from the outlet at the bottom. As the sludge is separated using centrifugal force, there are no consumables required such as the filters.


Cleaning of coolant used for the following:

  • Coolant for grinding
  • Coolant for cutting
  • Coolant for rolling
  • Coolant for cold roll forming
  • Coolant for washing machines

Product specifications


Model FC-05 FC-1 FC-2
Processing volume(L/min) 62〜77 127〜167 228〜263
Setting pressure(MPa) 0.14〜0.22 0.11〜0.20 0.12〜0.20
Cleaning volume(L/min) 50〜65 115〜155 215〜245
Body weight 約13kg 約26kg 約51kg
Coolant type Water-soluble coolant
  • When selecting the pump, choose one with a processing volume of 10L or higher with sufficient capacity. It may not reach the setting pressure.
  • Sludge tank is optional.
  • Sludge conveyor options is available.
  • We have experience in designing and building unit products, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Precautions for suitability

In case of below please consult us.

  • Using oil-based coolant.
  • Fine sludge filtration.
  • Low specific gravity sludge filtration.
  • High contamination density coolant filtration.
  • Exchangeable nozzle type is also available.

Outline Drawing

Outline Drawing

Outline Drawing (With Sludge Tank Type)

FC-05 With Sludge Tank Type

FC-05 With Sludge Tank Type

FC-1 With Sludge Tank Type

FC-1 With Sludge Tank Type

FC-2 With Sludge Tank Type

FC-2 With Sludge Tank Type

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