Disk Skimmer DS Series

The device uses a rotating, thin circular disk to collect the sludge and oil that float to the surface. It became popular as the accessory of coolant tanks, due to highly efficient and easy to use character.
Special models are also available, such as models resistant to heat and model with disks containing magnets to separate floating ferrous sludge.

Recommended Industry and Workpiece

Coolant processing equipment  Construction machines and construction machine parts  Floating oil/sludge collection
Coolant processing equipment  Automotives/Automotive parts/Motorcycle parts  Floating oil/sludge collection

Product characteristics

High Oil Collection Efficiency

Even floating scum and thin layers of oil can be collected by the surface tension of rotating disk.

Simple Structure

Compact with a simple structure, it can be installed easily.

The ability for oil collection becomes higher so that floating oil is thicker

The performance varies depending on the characteristics and volume of the oil that floats to the surface and sludge.
If the thickness of the floating oil is 1 mm, the DS-40 has the capacity to collect 8.4 liters per hour.
The thicker the layer of floating oil, the higher the collection capability.
However, please note that the performance will vary greatly depending on the type of oil used.

Product specifications


Model Disc diameter D drive motor W Speed reducer Voltage V Oil recovery part H G L
DS-40 400 25 1/180 200/220 50 90 244
DS-60 600 25 1/180 200/220 90 150 344

※1.Please check the surface fluctuation level first before determining the size.

2.Oil-water-separating tank is attached as the separator and container of the separated oil.

(The specifications may be changed without prior notice.)

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