Vertical Spindle Rotary Surface Grinding SVR Series Customer Review

Grinding machines created through discussions and modifications with 13 machines installed on-site.

Reason for implementation

We used to grind scissors with rotary grinding machines in the past, but eventually we started using dedicated machines to do that, so the rotary grinding machines were only used to grind molds.
We did one-time grinding, which was popular back then, but we were not able to achieve the precision that we wanted with that method, so we talked about going back to using rotary grinding machines again.
That was when we began searching for a new rotary grinding machine and we decided on Sumitomo Heavy Industries Finetech because the rotary grinding machine manufacturer is located near us and we were able to go to their factory to look at the actual machines.

Benefits after installation

After visiting their factory to look at the machines, it took us one and a half years to go live.
Basically, in terms of the performance of grinding machines, people normally look at whether they can grind in a straight line, but that is not what we look for in the case of scissors. Sumitomo Heavy Industries Finetech understood that and we held many meetings and consultations and ran tests over and over again until we found the perfect design for grinding scissors.
We conveyed the grinding work that we wanted to do, which the sales staff understood. Once we were able to confirm with the sample workpieces that the precision we sought could be achieved, we moved to the deployment stage.

After installing the first machine, we increased the number of grinding machines we operate, and we now have 13 running.
Even the first grinding machine, which was manufactured more than 30 years ago, is still in operation.
We manufacture using approximately 35 tables every day and the grinding wheel has a large impact on the final product accuracy, so it is important to match the materials with the right wheel.
In the 30 years and more that have passed since our first installation, we have changed the grinding wheel many times. I would say the grinding capabilities of the machines have roughly doubled compared to the first machine.
We continued modifying the next few machines that we purchased after the first installation, so we were able to create machines that match the production condition at the time.We hope that Sumitomo Heavy Industries Finetech will continue to engage in discussions with us going forward.

Maintenance and after-sales service

The machines have a simple structure, so they are easy to maintain. You can say that they do not require much work.
In terms of after-sales service, there was a time when it took a while for them to deliver product parts, but I think they have improved their product inventory selection after we discussed the issue with them. Whenever there is a problem, they also handled it properly while taking our internal situation into account. We hope that they will continue introducing new solutions to us.

Benefits of installation

  • Achieved the desired performance and precision by conveying requests properly
  • Impeccable after-sales service! The machines can be modified to match the production condition.
  • The ease of maintenance is well-received by customers as well.

Customer information

Hiroshi Miyaji, Managing Director, Okatsune Hasami Kojo Co,. Ltd.

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Yoshitomo Takatani, Staff Manager Machine Tool Sales Dept. Sumitomo Heavy Industries Finetech, Ltd.