Magnet Separator FINE MAG Customer Review

The machine demonstrated benefits that exceeded our expectations.We are considering installing the machine in all factories.

Reason for implementation

We manufacture hydraulic pump parts and other products.Many of the parts we produce require high precision, so we are particular about the stability of the precision and we feel that Sumitomo Heavy Industries Finetech products are able to meet our requirements sufficiently.
Before we installed FINE MAG, we had the issue of having high water and oil content in the iron chips generated when we manufacture our products, so we wanted to reduce that as much as possible.
We had been working with Sumitomo Heavy Industries Finetech for more than 30 years and they proposed FINE MAG as a solution to us. After testing the machine for half a year, we discovered that it provided far greater benefits than expected, so we decided to install it.

Benefits after installation

Eaton uses FINE MAG K and F models. FINE MAG demonstrates high sludge collection capability even with oil-based coolant, which is typically hard to remove.
The coolant filtering device is a part that is expected to require no follow-up work. With FINE MAG, there is little cleaning to be done every day, so we can continue using it without stopping the production flow.
We also overcalculated the cost, for which we are happy about.The grinding stones that were available at the time were not as strong as the ones we have now and we also had issues with the magnet drum breaking down. However, the magnet used in FINE MAG was very strong, so we were able to reduce the number of magnet drum breakdowns and extend the life of the magnet, which is a consumable part. As a result, we were able to reduce the operational cost much more than we expected.
In addition, we want to use the same manufacturer for machines that serve the same purpose as much as possible to facilitate the inventory management of parts for replenishing.FINE MAG has demonstrated excellent performance, so we are considering installing all machines with it.

Maintenance and after-sales service

The same sales staff provides the after-sales service at Sumitomo Heavy Industries Finetech, so it is reassuring when there is a problem because the staff who is dealing with it is someone who is aware of our situation before the installation.
They offered us various solutions before the installation and also listened to our proposals carefully after the installation.They responded properly to our requests and consultations, such as the things we want to do and problems that we are facing, and took good care of us, no matter how small the issue may seem.

Benefits of installation

  • Demonstrated benefits that exceeded our expectations with high sludge collection capability!
  • Successfully reduced operational cost by extending the magnet drum life.
  • Easy to approach the sales staff, who also provides the after-sales service.

Customer information

Takehiro Asada, Production Technology Division, Manufacturing Department, Eaton Corporation

We will provide support!

As I visit our customers in work clothes almost always, I am misunderstood occasionally as not a sales person at a glance.

We lend out our Magnetic Separator for demonstration. I will do all out to serve you so that you can use our product with no worry after you satisfy yourself with our demonstration equipment. Therefore, if you have any problem or inquiry, I will be waiting for your contact.

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