Company Information

Sumitomo Heavy Industries Finetech, Ltd. Believes that its business purpose is to increase customer value in the following fields:

  • Precision Surface Creation (Surface Grinders)
  • Precision Positioning (Undulators)
  • Manufacturing Environmental Purification(Coolant Systems)

Emphasizing reliability and trust in our relationship with customers, and based on the spirit of Sumitomo, and the management philosophy of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, for more than a half century, our company has been accumulating technology that is uniquely ours. Through our tireless and continual technological development and production innovation, and by utilizing the value chain we have with Sumitomo Heavy Industries, we make available to our customers the finest products possible.


Name Sumitomo Heavy Industries Finetech, Ltd.
Established October 2,2000
Capital JPY 300,000,000 (100% owned by Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.)
President Nobuo Matsugi
Employees 200
Address 8230 Tamashima Otoshima, Kurashiki-shi
Okayama 713-8501 JAPAN


[Applicable products]

  • Design and development, Manufacture, Instllation and After Servicing of Grinding Machines
  • Design and development, Manufacture of Coolant Processing Equipment
  • Design and development, Manufacture of Chip Processing Equipment


Okayama Plant of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

has acquired these accreditations.


Super Precision Tool (Grinding Machine) Coolant Processing Equipment
1960 Uraga Tamashima Diesel Industries, Ltd. Industrial Equipment Department began technical cooperation with Toshiba Machine Co.Ltd.: Began to manufacture KPL Double Column-Type Surface Grinder. 1956 Began manufacturing Coolant Processing Equipment
Uraga Heavy Industries, Ltd. established.
1969 Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. established.
1974 Began technical cooperation with Blanchard (USA); Began manufacturing RSB Vertical Rotary Grinder.
1984 Concluded technical cooperation with Blanchard (USA); Begin to sell SVR. 1983 Began manufacturing Chip Processing Equipment.
1986 Began selling Ultra-Precision Double Column-Type Surface Grinder KSX, and Column-Type Surface Grinder KSH.
1989 Concluded technical cooperation with Toshiba Machine; Began selling KSL Series.
1993 Began selling Crossrail Fixed Double Column-Type Surface Grinder KSL-F.
2000 Inaugurated Sumiju Fine Machinery, Ltd. 2000 Began manufacturing a specialized Crusher for Aluminum.
2002 Began to sell new model of Magnetic Separator (Fine Mag);
Received Good Design Award for Fine Mag.
2003 Sumiju Fine Machinery, Ltd. and Otsukatech Co., Ltd. merged.
2006 Changed name to Sumitomo Heavy industries Finetech, Ltd.

Business contents

Machine tools Ultra Precision Surface Grinding Machine
General machines Emission light facilities / Super precision tool NC and Retrofit
Coolant systems Manufacture of Coolant Processing Equipment, Manufacture of Chip Processing Equipment